The downside To Walking 10,000 Steps A Day

Doctors advise us to take a minimum of 10,000 steps per day if we want to stay fit and healthy. Everyone always talks about the great health benefits associated with walking these extra steps, but never about the downside. I bought a pedometer a few months ago and have reached my daily step goals on a consistent basis. Here are some of the negative side effects I have noticed since i began walking 10,000 or more steps each day.
You should go for the natural way of losing weight rather than the artificial way because the latter is not good for your health and is only temporary. While losing weight naturally is not a quick fix, it is a more permanent one. It is also the healthier option. Losing weight quickly is not very attractive if you feel so weak and sick as a result. Losing weight should simply be a means to feel better and to have a better life. It is not the ultimate goal.
So living gluten free isn’t so bad after all. You have an opportunity to change your habits in such a healthier way. When you have to stop and think about the boundaries of what you can and cannot eat, you slow your life down, you get to think about what you’re really hungry for, you get to enjoy cooking, and you slow down to eat. As a result, you have the opportunity to taste the food and change your palate to a healthier one. Chances are, you may decide you need a nap instead of ice cream! Sounds like a great trade off! Sometimes, right! I still like my ice cream, don’t get me wrong, but I’m taking more naps/walks/exercising/calling a friend, etc., so this is a great big difference!
To live bravely is to live consciously – to be knowledgeable of the important facts on how you can improve your life for the better. If you want to Stay Fit as You Mature, there’s no other way but to do the low fat diet plan.
So how to achieve a fit and healthy old age? You will have to choose a type of exercise which is easy and enjoyable. I recommend walking. Most people do it anyway. The ideal is a mile a day, more if you can manage it. This may fill you with horror. A mile a day! But think about it. A really slow walker will walk at two miles an hour. You need to walk for half an hour. That is 15 minutes to the Post Office, or the Park, or wherever, and 15 minutes back home again. You can even do your mile by walking half a mile in the morning and half a mile in the evening. Most people can walk a mile a day.
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